The Clean Health (CH) SourceBook

The Clean Health (CH) SourceBook

About Us

Travel back in time about 20 years and you will see two boys - Charles and Fred - eating lunch together in school and discussing super heroes. The talk would normally run the likes of "What super power would you most want?" and "Do you think there is any way we could get super powers?"

Back then we were just kids, but the idea of having "super powers" stuck with us as we grew up. Charles and I stayed in touch through college and while we understood that the power to fly or turn invisible might be out of reach, other "super powers" were possible.

Things like having unlimited energy. Sleeping less and feeling better. Better mental clarity and a super memory.

What amazing drug did we find to give us there super powers? FOOD!

That's right, we hacked our diet to find ways to feel better and chase after those super powers were dreamed about 20 years ago.

Flash forward to today and Charles and I have captured all of our knowledge and experiments in the Clean Health (CH) SourceBook. The CH SourceBook is the go to guide for everything having to do with health, diet and nutrition.

While we both studies Nutrition in college what is more important is that health and diet has been at the core of everything we have done for the past 20 years. Learn from our experiments and failures.

We hope you enjoy the CH SourceBook and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


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