The Clean Health (CH) SourceBook

The Clean Health (CH) SourceBook

About The CH SourceBook

The Clean Health (CH) SourceBook is exactly that... a sourcebook that will explain what Clean Health is and how to achieve it. We want to be very clear about something - this SourceBook is filled with actionable advice. No fluff and theory, we tell you things you can do today to improve your health. Things like...

  • * What food to eliminate today and increase your life expectancy
  • * Never eat this fruit after 8pm
  • * Remove these 3 things and sleep better tonight
  • * Drop the Coffee, Include what is on page 43 and have endless energy
  • * What food has the most toxins? You will be surprised
  • * Why a juice and fast detox is the LAST thing you want to do
  • * Learn the device that makes the air you breath less toxic
  • * Much more!

Pricing on the CH SourceBook depends on how your organization plans to use it. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss a pricing and licensing deal that works for everyone.

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